Phase 1 Begins

Welcome to the latest and first Enid Online Scanner Update!
First, I wanted to touch on a few things before we kick off the official update.
Things that have changed
  • The newsletter is now hosted on SendinBlue
    • We had an issue with some email clients ( tagging our emails as spam. We opted to use SendinBlue to manage this for us and keep us legal.
  • We have a Facebook Group.

Phase 1 Update

    • Currently, we are streaming Enid Police, Fire, EMS, Animal Control, EPD Ops1, and Garfield County Sheriff dispatch.
      Here is the issue with this. EMS and EPD Ops1 are encrypted channels and legally, we can not (nor would we want to) unencrypt these channels. They are used for private transmissions of sensitive data. With this, you as a listener will hear garbled communications and possibly miss dispatch traffic because the scanner is tied up on an encrypted channel.
      Q: Why can’t you auto skip encrypted channels?
      A: Because the Garfield County Dispatch is on a different system. So in order for us to hear Enid channels AND Garfield channels, we have to monitor all of Enid’s talk groups (including encrypted.)
      Q: What can you expect to see happening over the weekend and throughout the next week.
      A: Over the past week, I have been testing the new scanner system on a separate system and it has been operating very well. So, I believe it is ready to begin phase 1 of this process.
      • During this weekend, (Most likely during the daytime hours when traffic tends to be less active, with bad decision-makers, the scanner may be unavailable intermittently.
      • When it is fully implemented, you will begin hearing more uninterrupted traffic.
        • This new system allows us to quickly tune to station speaking vs scan a list of channels and miss much of the transmission.
      • We will set a priority to calls as follows
        • EMS will NO LONGER be heard.
          • These were encrypted and not legible anyways.
        • Enid PD OPS1 (or channel 3)
          • These were encrypted and not legible anyways.
        • FIRE Initial Dispatch (Radio ID 1) will take first priority over all other transmissions.. However regular dispatch conversations will be held as normal conversations and will not interrupt other stations talking.
        • Enid Police will hold normal priority.
        • Garfield County Sheriff
          • GCSO will be unavailable during Phase 1 (Coming in Phase 2)
      This will not affect anything on your end other than the occasional downtime.
      You can visit the Enid Scanner Update Planned Changes webpage for a full Phase 1 and Phase 2 explanation.
      Keep an eye on the Enid Scanner Update Catagory and Enid Online Scanner Facebook page for more frequent updates than you will receive here in your email (I don’t want to push the newsletter out too often)

So, What’s Next?

Phase 2 is going to be a little more in-depth for not only us but you the user! We have plans on creating short youtube videos with walk-through instructions to make sure you have the proper setup to listen uninterrupted! Please keep in mind, we can only support one phone app with training so we encourage you to download the apps listed on our webpage. They can be found here: Enid Scanner Suggested APPS


If you need assistance with anything, please feel free to submit a help ticket on our website and we can walk you through personally to the best of our ability!
( mail users may be unable to submit a ticket at this time. We are working on the fix!)
While we 100% Support our first responders – Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS – is NOT officially affiliated with any government agency.
We are simply curious (ok maybe nosey) citizens who enjoy knowing what is going on in our city.
Please keep all comments positive on website posts and Facebook posts.

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