We are thrilled to share some exciting news with our EnidScanner.com community! During recent severe weather events, we hit a new maximum record of 503 listeners! This milestone demonstrates the growing importance of EnidScanner.com as a reliable source for near-live radio communications during emergencies.

But that’s not all – we’re delighted to announce the addition of Garfield County Emergency Management monitoring to our feed. This enhancement allows our listeners to tune in to vital messages from the weather command center and field reports, providing crucial information during severe storms and emergencies.

The inclusion of Garfield County Emergency Management monitoring is a significant step forward in our mission to keep our community informed and safe. By providing access to real-time updates from official sources, we empower our listeners to make informed decisions during challenging situations.

It’s important to note that due to additional computer processing requirements, Garfield County Emergency Management monitoring will be active exclusively during severe weather events. This feature may become unavailable should internet or power be disrupted at the scanner receive site. However, we are continuously working to minimize any potential downtime and ensure uninterrupted service whenever possible.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to our dedicated listeners for their ongoing support. Your trust in EnidScanner.com motivates us to continually improve and expand our services to better serve our community.

Stay tuned to EnidScanner.com for the latest updates and vital information during severe weather events. Together, we can stay informed, stay safe, and weather any storm.

Greetings fellow Enid Scanner monitors.

We are back online, however we are not without issues that I will be addressing in the near future. These issues include low wifi signal, pending software updates and a receiver that freezes (may be due to over heating).

Rest assured, as time becomes available after move is wrapped up and we settle in to the new place, I will have time to begin upgrades and updates.

For now, if you have issues please submit a help ticket on our front page of enidscanner.com and I will address issues individually.

I noticed on a Facebook post that the last update was from this past summer. I apologize, I have gotten busy and everything seems to be running as smoothly as I can expect so I just haven’t done much updating.

In this update we will cover a few things I have seen happening and cover a few issues I am having, just to keep the transparency.


  • Physical Scanner is silent
    • I have been contacted by a few people about their physical scanner going silent on the Enid Police Department channel (155.520)

      I have noticed this issue also, however, that is maintained by the City of Enid directly and I have no connection to that. I only operate the Online Scanner and the radio does not affect me because I am decoding their digital signal directly.
  • Scanner App goes silent on the Enid Police & Enid Fire
    • Personally, I am baffled at this myself. The EPD and EFD have what is called a “Control Channel” which basically sends a constant signal and when someone keys their microphone and talks, it assigns them a voice channel. My scanner feed listens to this control channel 24/7 and then when it sees something I have told it to listen to, it will automatically tune to the voice channel and monitor that audio.

      However, lately, I have noticed it loses the control channel and goes silent. The Sheriff and OHP still work on the Right channel because they do not use a control.

      I have currently set the scanner computer to reboot at 4am and around 9pm to try and reset everything and keep this control channel running. SO, if you get dropped from the feed around these times, that’s why!


  • Please look through the updates page for best practices on setting up your Scanner app
  • Submit a help ticket on this page if you have problems or notice issues.
    • If you use the submit feedback on the APP, the issue goes to Broadcastify directly, they have to monitor and identify if the issue is on their end or my end. Then they have to contact me, I have to investigate and then correct the issue.
    • Submit issues directly to enidscanner.com and the notice comes directly to me and I can get it corrected much faster!

Hope everyone had a safe Halloween and a great up coming holiday season

It’s that time again, I have both Windows and Scanner software yelling at me to update.

The feed will be offline during this time and should return shortly.

On another note, for those of you using the Balance control option (which I suggest for everyone using a regular phone speaker) I will be swapping the outputs, Sheriff, OHP will now be on the Right Channel, and EPD, EFD, and others will be on the Left Channel.

In this video I discuss the usage of Audio Balance Control and Incident Reporting.

Please review the latest video and comment below on any questions you may have.

Don’t forget to check out our first two videos that get you to the point where this video works for you.

Introduction to Radio Scanner

Setting up Radio Scanner

It is imperative, that you take time to properly set up your Scanner Radio app for Enid Online Scanner in order to get the best listening experience! When Phase II completes, Enid Police and Enid Fire will be operating on the Right audio channel. Garfield County Sheriff, Lahoma PD, Waukomis PD, and OHP Troop J will be operating the Left audio channel. If you do not have a balance control setup, you will hear double traffic at the same volume, which will make it very difficult to distinguish what you are hearing.

Please, watch the video below for information on setting up the app.

Rather not watch a video?

For the advanced individuals, I will include below an ordered list demonstrating the menu items and suggested settings below.

  • Settings
    • General Settings
      • Opening Screen
        • Nearby
      • Automatically Start Playing
        • Enabled
    • Player Settings
      • Streaming Method
        • Dependent on the phone. Try one if the other doesn’t work.
      • Optimize Streaming Method
        • Enabled
      • Seconds to Buffer
        • Add seconds if you are experiencing choppy audio
      • Display Balance Control
        • ENABLED
          • This is THE MOST important setting and MUST be enabled.
      • Keep Screen On
        • Optional
          • I like to keep the screen on, this allows me to quickly adjust Balance Control depending on what I want to hear.
    • Notification Settings
      • Alert notifications
        • Enable
      • Receive Nearby Alerts
        • 25 Miles
      • Nearby Listener Threshold
        • Minimum of 15

Welcome to Video 1 of a series, in this video series, I will be walking you through such things as Website Introduction, App Setup (a lot of must watch tips will be included in order to set yourself up properly for the Phase II Multi Stream that is coming) and a General feature walk through. For now, enjoy the first video.

Website Introduction

Quick update, this is not worthy of an email update but wanted to take just a minute and let everyone know the Phase I update is complete.

Currently you are hearing Enid Police, Enid Fire, parking compliance, and Animal Control.

Phase II has been stalled, I am waiting on Ebay to come thru with a connector I forgot to order (oops.)

In the mean time, I am working on creating videos for Youtube with a walk-thru of how to properly setup the APP to get the best listening ability from the scanner.

Phase II will be adding Garfield County Sheriff, North Enid PD, Waukomis PD, Lahoma PD and OHP Troop J.

Keep in mind, while I do not own the Scanner APP, you can use this link to Request Help (Requires you create account on website.) And we will work with you one on one to get it fixed. After we find the solution, I may remove your Name or other identifying information and post the dialog of our conversation. This will help in the event someone else has same issues.


We are seeing issues with Yahoo Mail and Gmail either thinking mail from us is SPAM and skipping inboxes. If you are on one of these platforms, PLEASE, search for newsletter@enidscanner.com and mark it NOT SPAM, or you will be unable to receive updates as you requested.